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Ship anon, I agree with you, but I will get skinned alive if I post your ask. Sorry.

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Disney World favorites: (1) dark ride (2) mountain (3) park (4) alcoholic beverage (5) sit down meal (6) quick service meal (7) snack (8) pin (9) place that gives you warm tinglies (10) favorite thing in general
  1. Spaceship Earth.
  2. Splash Mountain.
  3. Epcot!
  4. I actually don’t drink too much. Probably something from the Polynesian.
  5. Be Our Guest or ‘Ohana.
  6. Sunshine Seasons.
  7. Popcorn at MK.
  8. One of my pins with Prince Adam and Belle. :)
  9. Walking out of Epcot by Spaceship Earth after dark, and the Polynesian at night (especially on the beach).
  10. The Polynesian and the monorail, probably. 
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It's very sad that there's like 99,9% of chance that hanna will end up having more chemistry than kristanna


the entire thing is set AFTER the events of frozen so the only chemistry anna and hans will have is anna wanting to punch the little fucker in the face again

Can we have Kristoff joining in?

And then Elsa?

And then Anna once more for good measure?

#seriously y'all are dumb
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so Bri since it's pee night over in your little neck of the woods has your uterus ever been used as a urinal by an ex-beau?

Well, I haven’t had to kill any of them, so no.

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I have a question for you, as an introvert who successfully masquerades as an extrovert--how do you do it? I'm introverted and really pretty shy, unless I'm in a place/with a person who makes me feel really comfortable, and I am really bad at starting and continuing conversations, getting to know people, etc. And I really crave approval and affirmation, but I'm terrified of being obnoxious, so I actually come off as really reserved and stand-offish. How do you manage?

1000% fake it ‘til you make it, anon. I’m still faking it. Basically I just force myself to make small talk and be open, even if I really just want to be by myself. Of course, I have the added benefit of having spent most of my life having to hide things from people (abuse, addiction, self-hatred, you name it), so I’m pretty practiced at playing the cool, confident extrovert at this point. Nowadays I just force myself to put everyone else’s opinions out of my mind and go out and do what has to be done. One of the most crippling things I’ve had to deal with in the past is worrying that everyone is staring and me and judging me. Doing some radical acceptance and forcibly pushing them aside can be a good start towards getting your faux extrovert on.

That said, please remember that there is NOTHING wrong with being shy or naturally introverted. Lots of people are, and it’s not a moral or personal failing. If you want to make conversation, just ask people about themselves and try to find common ground. But you don’t have to be a social butterfly in order to have a fulfilling life. It’s perfectly okay to prefer small groups to parties and staying in to going out. :)

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Is it safe to use a frozen hot dog as a sex toy

Safe or not, that’s just really ill-advised, anon. It’s not gonna stay frozen nearly long enough to be useful.

Also, ew.

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Do you watch big brother?

Is that even still a thing?

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You're anons confuse me sometimes, I don't understand.

I don’t always understand them either.

Especially those really weird smut anons I got awhile back.

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It's a world of laughter, a world of fears....

It’s a world of hopes and a world of


#and isn't it 'it's a world of laughter #a world of tears?' #i don't want to be pedantic about the lyrics to 'it's a small world' #i don't want to be that person #Anonymous
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Since everyone seems to be coming to you with sex problems, I will too :P my bf always blows into me when we're smashing at it always makes me pee but he doesn't seem to notice. He treats it like his signature thing, and I don't know what to do about this. sorry this is so awkward haha

…I hope tonight isn’t like pee night on my blog. o.o Same advice as the other anon — just talk to him and tell him if you’re worried/feel weird, but if he doesn’t seem to care, hey, just roll with it. It’s amazing how many things we get self-conscious and weirded out over during sex that our partners really don’t mind or care about in the long run.

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My husband peed in me while we were going at it and he wants to have sex again, but I'm kinda disturbed by the thought because he might do it again. Help!

I mean, urine is technically a sterile solution, but yeah, that’s a little weird. I’d just talk to him about what happened the last time and tell him about your concerns. A big part of being in a committed relationship (especially if you’re married) is being able to be open about sexual stuff. If you’re not into it, tell him to save it for the bathroom.

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*whispers* step away from the fic and have a sleepover! Maybe even watch frozen! Get back to the roots!

Sounds like a good idea — this is just not working for me right now (and I’m pretty sure I’ve got Hans completely wrong and OOC and have to rewrite the entire first section of the chapter).

So sleepover is officially on. Ask me whatever. You may want to blacklist the following:

  • bri gives life advice
  • bri’s flirty anons

I should probably come up with a general answer tag and/or something for sleepovers, but whatever.

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searlait replied to your post: .

Let it be shit, just get it out. You don’t have to put it up right now. Write it because you need to write it - because you clearly WANT to write it. Then give it a day or two. Edit. Cut. Rewrite. It’ll be fine. :)

My brain’s actually fighting me pretty badly with this right now, like, “Okay, no. You do not have the focus or the energy to grapple with this at this particular moment. Take a break and come back, because you’re pretty much writing this at creative gunpoint right now and it’s really starting to show.”

Sigh. I think I should probably be listening to my brain.

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#...yeah this chapter is absolute trash thus far #i'm trying to make the transition between the hans stuff and the kristoff stuff #and everyone just feels massively ooc #and the prose isn't working #and it's just awful #i just want this fic to be so much better than it's turning out to be
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Is it okay if I vent to you about something? I've followed you for a really long time and I've sort of been a silent fan and I know this must seem really weird but I just don't have a safe place to talk and I feel like my head's going to explode.

That’s what I’m here for, anon. Ask away. ♥