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(FS) Chapter 8 was amazingly heart wrenching! I really enjoy reading your work and feeling the characters come to life. Much love from me <3

Thank you so much! I’ve been dreading that chapter since I first started outlining the story as a whole, because I knew it was going to hurt like hell. I just hope that the emotional impact was as strong as it was intended to be.

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Okay, guys.

We’re through Chapter 8.

I promise it gets better.

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"Dark as Snow" (Chapter 8) 

Rating: M (CHAPTER WARNING: questionable sexual content, psychological abuse — just to be on the safe side)
Words: 8,320
Summary: After years of isolation and loneliness, Anna sees her whirlwind marriage to the handsome widower Lord Hans Westergard as her long-awaited happily-ever-after. But her troubled relationship with her sister and her growing closeness to a gruff but kindhearted stablehand loom large, and her husband’s darkest secret behind an eternally-locked door threatens to destroy everything Anna holds dear. [AU of The Bloody Chamber]


One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six || Seven || Eight

Notes: The longest chapter thus far, and, I can assure you, the most painful one. 

Darkest before dawn, guys.

Darkest before dawn.

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8300 words, pre-edit.

So much angst.

So much pain.

I am so, so sorry.

You should all be able to suffer as I have suffered within an hour or so.

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This chapter is going to break 8,000 words.



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I don't mean to rush you or anything but when do you think the next chapter of DAS will be up? I really love DAS by the way (and basically everything your write). You really capture the characters personalities in my opinion and I can't wait to read the next chapter! :) But anyway I'm rambling... Love you <3

Well, I’m at 5,000 words right now, and there are… *checks* three scenes left to get through. It’ll probably be up before midnight EST, just in time to make most of you cry before bed. ;) Thank you for reading, and, uh, I apologize in advance.

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let it geaux replied to your post: Read More →

Hugs for you, Bri!

I’m already apologizing for this scene. It may be the single worst thing I’ve ever had to write.

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If you do not want to hug Kristoff and murder me by the end of this chapter, I am not doing my job.

This is my lifes ambition

aside from the hugging kristoff

he’s of course dead

Did you just say that your life’s ambition is to murder me, Dallas?

Because I’m sorry, but I can take you.

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Mainstreet Electrical Light Trails by Michael Billick Photography on Flickr.


Mainstreet Electrical Light Trails by Michael Billick Photography on Flickr.

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*deep breath*

At the 3700 word mark.

Here we go with the angst.

Pray for me, guys.

Pray for me.

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And hey, mad shout-out to the Kristanna fandom for making me the blogger I am today. You guys rock and I love you all. Thank you for reading, for fangirling, for loving those two crazy dorks right along with me. We’ve had our ups and downs, but damn if those of you who’ve stuck around aren’t the best of us.

I would not be bri-ecrit without you. Thank you.

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karis the fangirl replied to your post: karis the fangirl replied to your post…

they just want each other so much WHO CAN BLAME THEM REALLY ;)


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karis the fangirl replied to your post: This chapter is reading like a cheap r…

*whispers* characters in a cheap romance novel would totally have banged by now

They wanted to get there this chapter.

I had to stop them.


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You mentioned 2 characters would die in DAS. I only remember one from the Bloody Chamber dying, but it's been a loooong time since I've read it. I do have my suspicions about the 2nd one, though. Will the ending of DAS be along the same lines as The Bloody Chamber's ending?

It will indeed.

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