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"People come and go. Some are cigarette breaks, others are forest fires." - (via missinyouiskillingme)

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So... No rush but when exactly do think the next chapter of DAS will be out, and have you started it?

I’m really, really hoping to have it out by the end of the week. I have the rough outline done, and I’ve known what’s going to happen to it for a long time now, but I haven’t actually started drafting. I’ll try to make some headway on it tomorrow.

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Things I am forever grateful for primarily include feistypaants living 15 minutes down the road because sometimes you just need an IHOP/movie night with the bestie. ♥

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I have a silent friendship with so many of you omg we hardly talk but you always reblog me and I just love you all from a distance.  

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Going through my thousands and thousands of photos on my computer, decided to post a few from Longwood Gardens last month with bri-ecrit :)

Hooray for Longwood! :)

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hey Bri! so I'm a HUGE fan of DAS (and yours) but i was confused on chapter 10 like where everything left off... I feel so dumb for asking but like what happens to everyone in the end? I'm sorry I feel so stupid :(

You’ll find out in the next chapter. ;) Which I do hope to have posted sooner rather than later.

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How many chapters are you planning for DAS? I want to just skip to the end and make sure everyone is gonna be okay lol

13 plus an epilogue. The story will be finished by the time I leave for vacation on November 5th if I have to marathon all the chapters on the 4th.

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Trying to watch Stardust as inspired by bri-ecrit with my two idiots… Can’t tell if they love Humphrey or hate him. Cow does appear rather interested…

Well, Victoria thought he was dreamy… as did Captain Shakespeare…


Trying to watch Stardust as inspired by bri-ecrit with my two idiots… Can’t tell if they love Humphrey or hate him. Cow does appear rather interested…

Well, Victoria thought he was dreamy… as did Captain Shakespeare…

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…holy fucking shit.

…holy fucking shit.

#...i've never ever looked at this #i just got blown away #goddamn
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"I like your art but please change it to a way that personally appeals to me" - anons

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Kristanna Art Collaboration!! 

I present to you the first of hopefully many more super special projects between myself and my partner in crime sargar3000.

Together we are 3000 Apples!

I’m so glad we got to do this together! Sarah, you’re such an amazing artist and the very best friend I could ask for. I’m honored to have worked with you and I can’t freaking wait to do it again! I drew Anna and Sarah drew Kristoff, but then she really brought the whole thing to life with her beautiful watercolors. 

This is amazing, guys! :D

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crazytrustexercise replied to your post: Movie night with feistypaants! Just fi…

isn’t it just the best?!

Easily one of my all-time favorites. :)

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Kristoff is the Villain AU 



AU Where Kristoff is the villain (he wants to use Elsa’s powers for his Ice Business). The story is the same up until Anna and Kristoff arrive at the ice palace. After Elsa accidentally shoots Anna with a blast of magic, Kristoff takes Elsa captive and forces Anna off the mountain. Anna tries to go back to Hans, but Hans is out searching for her. Anna gets lost and stumbles upon a village of rock trolls who recognise her as the Princess. They tell her that only an act of true love can save her and they give her directions to Arendelle from there. Hans arrives at the Ice Palace and Kristoff hides. The Duke of Weasleton’s men head up and attack Elsa. Elsa fights back, and Hans snaps her out of a vengeful wrath. In a mighty accident, the chandelier falls and Elsa black out.

Kristoff (knowing the way better than Anna) makes it back to Arendelle around the same time as Hans. He finds a way to speak to Hans and tells him that Anna is dead because of Elsa. Hans believes Kristoff and sentences Elsa to death for murdering Anna in what he believed was cold blood. Anna finally gets to Arendelle as Elsa’s snowstorm brews and she escapes from the prison. She wanders over the ice, searching for Hans, calling out his name. Hans reaches Elsa in the the blizzard and tells her that Anna is dead. Seeing Elsa mourn so heavily, Hans puts away his sword and tries to comfort her. Anna finally sees Hans and runs to him. Hans and Elsa are equally surprised. Some romantic dialogue happens and, just as Anna is about to freeze, Hans kisses her and she thaws instantly. Hans, Anna, and Elsa share a warm hug. And Elsa, seeing how much Hans and Anna love each other, is inspired to thaw with love. Kristoff ends up in the water and they fish him out, sending him to jail (or something). Then everyone lives happily ever after (except Kristoff and possibly Sven).


Heeeeey, remember when this happened?

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Movie night with feistypaants! Just finished Stardust. She’d never seen it. :)

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