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Summer Mornings in Arendelle 


Fandom: Frozen

Pairing: Kristanna

Rating: M

This is my first try at Kristanna smut, but after reading and seeing all the great stuff by bri-ecrit, feistypaants, frozenmusings, and others, I had to try my hand. It’s just a short little thing, but it’s a good warm-up.

Summer Mornings in Arendelle

Summer had finally come to Arendelle, and Anne and Kristoff reveled in days filled with picnics and exploration; evenings of fireworks and fireflies; and hot, passionate nights.

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That was excellent for a first try! I love the slow sensuality and elements of teasing. Very well-done! :)

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Mentioned it to an anon, but for the rest of you, if you’d prefer not to see me yammering away about my multichapter all the time, blacklist/savior “bloody chamber au”. :)

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Gaston’s favorite features

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Oh wow, new chapter is so good, so dark and creepy(the mirrors man, the mirrors O_O)...I love it! Anna and Kristoff at the end so well characterised and just so fricking perfect! I will be impatiently waiting for the next chapter ;P thanks so much Bri <3

Thank you so much for the kind words! The mirrors were actually a nod to the original story, where they appear in a similar context (seriously, if you guys think MY version is creepy… *shudders*). And I’m so glad you thought I got Anna and Kristoff right — I was a little worried that I didn’t hit them as accurately as I could have there (it’s been awhile since I’ve done early-relationship/first meeting stuff). Thank YOU for reading! ♥

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I'm not gonna read your fic until it's done (because I want to read it all at once) and I'm trying desperately to avoid spoilers.

I can respect that — you may want to blacklist “bloody chamber au” just in case. I’m actually playing it pretty close to the vest so that everything that happens is a surprise (so far only the three people who have read my complete outline know exactly what’s going to happen), but that’s the tag I use for fic discussion. :)

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OMG your fic is going to kill me!!

Shhhh, you guys are going to love the next few chapters.

…and then really, really hate the few after that.

But, I mean… you’ll all survive it, at least.

Most of you.

I think.

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"No. Anna. I'll save you. It will be okay," Kristoff said desperately, looking at Anna's wound. Anna groaned, obviously in deep pain, wrenching Kristoff's teddy bear heart. "K-Kristoff," she said, too faintly, "Don't do this. You - you c-can't." "Yes I do. Now lie still...." He put his head to her side so that his magical hair was against her wound and was suddenly distracted by the fact that his lips were very close to her boob. Anna desperately grasped around, trying to find a way to (c)

to keep him from doing this stupid, stupid thing- ouch! Her finger grazed against a shard of glass and blood began to slide over the slender finger. As Kristoff began to sing the healing song, “Reindeers are better than people,” she took the shard and began to slice through his hair, making it shrivel and turn brown. Remarkably it turned out very neat and tidy. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Hans howled as his sideburns faded away. “MY MAGICAL SIDEBURNS!!! COME BAAACK!” Deciding that life could (c)

could not be worth living with no magical sideburns, he ran to the window and leapt out, making a splat of blood and beach towel on the ground below. And Kristoff was left sobbing over Anna’s corpse. That is, before she came to life and teased him for crying like a big baby.

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Hi miss Bri, I just wanted to say that your Dark as Snow- fic (it is called "Dark as Snow right?) is awsome. I can`t wait to read the next chapter. No pressure. Have a nice day :)

Thank you so much! I”m really glad you guys are enjoying it — I know it’s a pretty big genre shift, but I’m grateful you’re all along for the ride with me. :)

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i don´t guess is you are make fun of me or somethig… yeaa.. i send that review ….you like it i think?? sorry my englihs is really bad

No, no, not making fun of you at all — just thinking ahead to what’s going to happen in a few chapters and laughing maniacally. You may get your wish in a way, basically. ;)

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I love reading Dark as Snow and being able to pick out what I know and recognise from The Bloody Chamber. It just makes it even more fun!

YAY! I love the idea that some of my readers know the original story and can pick out all the references from it. :D It’s going to take a bit of a detour for awhile, since Kristoff’s essentially filling the role of the blind piano tuner with a significantly expanded part, but there will definitely be plenty of super-creepy goodness to go around. ;)

(And I think you’ll be very pleased by the climax!)

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"Dark as Snow" (Chapter 2)  


Rating: M (CHAPTER WARNING: some questionable sexual content)
Words: 6,045
Summary: After years of isolation and loneliness, Anna sees her whirlwind marriage to the handsome widower Lord Hans Westergard as her long-awaited happily-ever-after. But her troubled relationship with her sister and her growing closeness to a gruff but kindhearted stablehand loom large, and her husband’s darkest secret behind an eternally-locked door threatens to destroy everything Anna holds dear. [AU of The Bloody Chamber]


One || Two

Notes: Man, this one was an emotional rollercoaster to write. Hans’s character in particular is very, very draining, considering he’s something of a synthesis between his canon character and the marquis in The Bloody Chamber. Kind of an interesting challenge. A very, very creepy one.

So there’s that. But on the plus side… Kristoff’s home! …in the chapter. You know.

Hope you guys enjoy. :)

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It reminded me of one flew over the cuckoos nest and how they would give electric shocks or do lobotomies on anyone with abnormal behavior. Poor Elsa :( is this set in the same time period as the movie or a little later?

The time’s left ambiguous so I can have a little creative freedom with the details, but it’s generally mid-19th century (Frozen supposedly takes place in the 1840s, so around there).

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Got a review for “Dark as Snow” in which the reviewer said they hope Kristoff and Anna fall in love and Hans gets angry and does bad things.

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feistypaants replied to your post:1, 3, 6 :)

Who are you again?


*weeps openly*

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Lo, it hath begun.

Lo, it hath begun.