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Seriously, I do not understand some Pens fans. I just… don’t.  

Going through my list of list of blocked users after I just started blocking people spamming the Flyers tags last night. The vast, VAST majority? Pens fans. Not Devils fans — you know, fans of the team who actually beat us last night. Pens fans. Smug, bitter Pens fans who fairly reek of schadenfreude, despite their own first-round exit.

I’m sorry, I know there are nice, reasonable Pens fans out there — I count a few very good IRL friends among their ranks — but the teenage Pens fangirls on Tumblr just seem to continually go out of their way to ensure that their team’s fanbase is viewed as vilely as possible. Last night’s gleeful hatefest did nothing to dispel that impression. 

Mostly, I’m just legit disappointed. I don’t want to have this negative view of a fanbase, partly because, being from Philadelphia, I obviously know what it’s like to be maligned and partly because I’m not a hateful person in the slightest, but being on Tumblr this past season has given me such a dim view of Pens fans. Here’s hoping I’ll find a few more good, reasonable ones on here to help tip the balance. :\

#flyers #but seriously most of the fans on here are awful