[rating guide]


Healing Through (Kristanna, modern AU, reconciliation)

I Love a Parade (Kristanna, humor, crackfic-ish, Disney World AU)

In Agreement (Elsa/Kristoff BrOTP, implied Kristanna, angst & friendship)

Love Will Thaw (gen, Elsa-fic, hints of Kristanna)

Lullaby (Kristanna, fluff & humor, mild hurt/comfort)

Matching Up (Kristanna, humor, crackfic-ish, Disney World AU)

Natural (Elsa/OC [mentioned], Elsa-fic, hints of Kristanna)

Normalizing (EarlyRelationship!Kristanna, Elsa/Kristoff BrOTP)

A Not-Quite-Close Shave (Kristanna, fluff & humor)

Reindeers are Better Than People (Kristoff & Sven backstory, angst/drama)

Rockabye Baby (Kristanna, fluff & humor)

Scene From a Lonely Childhood (childhood!Kristanna AU, friendship)

Serendipity (Kristanna, modern!AU, first meeting)

Slapshot (Kristanna, humor, hockey)

Snow Day (gen, Snow Sisters family feels, implied Kristanna)

Tea Time (Kristanna, family/humor)

Thawing (Kristanna, hurt/comfort)

A Thing About Birthdays (Kristanna, fluff/romance)

Wanted (Kristoff backstory, angst)

What Winter Brings (Kristoff backstory, Kristanna, drama/romance)


Alas, Ophelia (Hanna, AU, dark!fic)

Coming Home (Kristanna, drama & romance, hurt/comfort, Kristoff character study)

Downfall (Kristanna, one-sided Hanna, Hans-fic, drama & angst)

Equipment Malfunction (Kristanna, Elsa/Kristoff BrOTP, humor, hockey)

A Life of Ice (some Kristanna, character death, major angst/tragedy)

Lost and Found (Kristoff & Sven backstory, angst)

A Matter of Timing (Kristanna, fluff & humor)

Night Shift (Kristanna, hurt/comfort)

The Queen’s Speech (Snow Sisters family feels, Kristoff/Elsa BrOTP, Kristanna)

Side By Side (Kristanna, hurt/comfort)

Silent Soft and Slow (Kristanna, drama & romance)


Always and Everything (Kristanna, romance)

The Hollow Man (Hans character study, tragedy/horror/angst)

In Context (Elsa POV fic, Kristanna implied, humor)

Not All Men (crackfic, implied past Hanna and current Kristanna, humor)

Of Birthdays and Somedays (Kristanna, fluff & humor)

Of Morning Coldness (Kristanna, fluff & humor)

Patience (TISverse; one-sided Hanna, tw: abuse, darkfic)

Practice (married!life Kristanna, Kristelsanna family feels, humor & family)

The Measure of a Man (crackfic, partial Hanna & Kristanna, humor)

The Scent of a Man (Kristanna, humor)

The Sum of Her Parts (Kristanna, romance)

Two Steps Forward (Kristanna, drama & romance)

Walking On Broken Glass (TISverse; one-sided Hanna, tw: abuse/domestic violence, darkfic)


Candle in the Window (Kristanna, angst & romance, Elsa/Anna family feels)

Compromise (Kristanna, humor & romance)

Dark as Snow (multichapter, early Hanna, endgame Kristanna, dark AU, angst/horror/romance)

Dark of Night (TISverse; one-sided Hanna, tw: abuse, tw: noncon, darkfic)

Line of Sight (Kristanna, romance)

Night Swim (Kristanna, modern!AU, romance)

Perpetual Motion (Kristanna, humor)

Proper Conduct (Kristanna, romance & humor)

Rapprochement (Kristanna, romance)

Sound and Fury (Kristanna, drama & romance)


Belonging (Kristanna, angst & romance, hurt/comfort, shameless smut)

Bound (Kristanna, shameless smut, mild bondage)

By Halves (Kristanna, shameless smut, mild bondage)

Crazy Trust Exercise (Kristanna, shameless smut, mild bondage/rough sex)

Girl in the Mirror (Kristanna, shameless smut)

Give and Take (Kristanna, shameless smut)

Indulgence (Kristanna, shameless smut)

Keep Her Warm (Kristanna, shameless smut)

Quiet Session (Kristanna, shameless smut)

Reveille (Kristanna, shameless smut)

Sleight of Hand (Kristanna, shameless smut)

Small Spaces (Kristanna, shameless smut)

Ticklish (Kristanna, humor, shameless smut)